Mariana Cervantes

Child and adolescent Counsellor & psychotherapist MSc MBACP
         Young people
         Parent support
Children and adolescents can often find it particularly difficult to face challenges around growing up and dealing with difficult situations. This can be distressing, and even more so if  it is hard to know who to turn to for help or how to deal with such difficulties. As a parent or carer, this can also cause distress. There can be shared feelings of helplessness by parent and child, as well as a shared uncertainty about how to reach out to each other.
As a psychodynamic child and adolescent psychotherapist I apply my knowledge of child development and attachment, and my skills in exploring the child or young person's internal world, to help my young clients to express themselves and to make sense of their thoughts, feelings and experiences. This can play a significant part in helping the young person to make sense of their situation and to develop coping strategies and feel more at ease with themselves and with those around them.
I work closely with parents of underage clients to maximise the support for their child by conducting parent consultations. The frequency of these consultations is based on the specific circumstances and needs of each child.
I also provide Parent Support sessions in two forms: for parents/carers only; and for parent-and-child (babies to 5-year old children). This is often helpful in cases where it might be helpful to focus on the parents' or carers' concerns about parenting issues and their relationship with their child/children.
My work is highly relational, client-centred, non-judgemental and confidential. 
I work from a spacious and well equipped practice room in the centre of Totnes. For more information, please go to the Contact and fees page.

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