Parent support sessions

Parent & child sessions (children 0-5)
I apply my knowledge of child development and child-related issues to provide parent & child sessions, where one or both parents/carers can attend sessions with their child. These sessions are based on play, which is typically a young child's main form of exploring the world and communicating.
You and your child will have access to a spacious room and a range of toys in my practice, where together we can explore your concerns around parenting and/or your relationship with your child.
My work provides a neutral, non-judgemental opportunity for parents/carers to think about the challenges and difficulties they face in a reflective way. 
Parent/carer-only sessions
Parenting is a very challenging endeavour and one for which there is no manual! Parents and carers learn as they go along, and this is not an easy task at the best of times. Added to these are a range of personal issues and life events that can cause doubt and concerns about how to parent and how to support your child/children through their experiences, difficulties and their relationship with you. 
I provide parent/carer-only sessions where you can bring up these doubts and concerns in confidence and in your own way and time. The sessions provide a space for us to think about what may be the underlying issues contributing to your difficulties, and where we can think about how the dynamics of parent-child or carer-child relationships are impacted by the feelings and experiences.